Cell Monks

Long-long time ago noble sorcerers sojourned at the Ghostel castle. They were peaceful at first, but later the chaos began, scaring all decent pilgrims. Thus Senior Inquisitor sent alarm pigeons to neighboring counties crying for help. 4 brave Monks came after his call. They took the situation under control, giving long-desired peace to the castle. For these saviors Inquisitor ordered to build the world’s best Cell of Monks with 4 orthopedic feather-beds, lockers for travelers’ luggage and magnificent view of the neighboring counties from the window. The legend says that while entering the Cell only true Monk will be able to see the secret message in the form of ancient invisible portrait.

  • 2 bunk beds for the harmony and peace of soul
  • Wardrobe for outerwear
Monday - Thursday від 190 UAH from Monks  
Friday - Sunday від 190 UAH from Monks