Where going?

If a friendly wind has brought you, our dear pilgrim, to Lviv airport, you have only two ways out:

1.   To hire a personal carriage (which nowadays is awkwardly called a taxi). The personal carriage will boost your speed and comfort while travelling around Lion city. You will have to pay a few dozens of gold pieces for it, though.
2.   To make use of a lazy horny beast #9 (or you may call it “a trolleybus #9”, whatever you prefer). For just 1,5 gold pieces it will take you to the city centre – its final stop is “Universitets’ka St”. After that you will have to go some 50 m back along the trolleybus route and find yourself on Slovats’kogo St. Moving along it, you will pass one crossroad and then come to the other one. And on that second crossroad turn left. That is long wished for Copernika St. The only thing that remains is to find our castle, which is #9. In case of complete disorientation address passers-by or send warning pigeons to your obedient servant. Our number is +38 098 55 202 99. We are waiting for you, milord/milady!

How to come in and not be eaten, and cursed?
  • 1Go to the medieval gate
  • 2Make 30 steps right from the arch(about 20 m)
  • 3Go to the secret door to the left (the second in a row)
  • 4Climb the 54 steps up(3rd floor)

And only then truly connoisseur will open the door to the legendary Middle Ages

For the young and inexperienced strangers on the walls there are pointers that will help you find your way

Please observe the peace and quiet near the possessions of the Dragon and the Witch - remember to be a dragon or a witch - a heavy burden, a decent respect for the noble strangers

The message for the Holy Inquisition

If you have any questions, the Inquisition will help in solving them