Den of Thieves

Medieval Ghostel used to have a special order – Thieves. They have always been one of the main military forces, defending the castle from uninvited guests. The most outstanding ones among them were archers. All the decent people, from the aristocracy as well as laymen, often gathered to watch archery competitions, which took place either on the balcony or on the main square of Ghostel. Senior Inquisitor has always covered all expenses. Nowadays tournaments are held not so often, and the place where the main square used to be situated was transformed into a room, which later received the noble name of “Den of Thieves”. You will find everything needed for the thief’s overnight stay in the Den: bows, arrows, lockers for trophies, 14 sleeping accommodations including the Giant’s Bed for outstandingly big and honorable Thieves.

  • 1 Giant bunk bed for men of heroic
  • 5 bunk beds for ordinary robbers
  • 12 caskets for the loot honest work
Monday - Thursday від 160 UAH from Rogue  
Friday - Sunday від 160 UAH from Rogue