Lion’s heart

All guests are heartfully invited to visit the city of sleeping lions, ancient streets and tasty coffee  - the city of Lviv. According to its history, the city was named after Leo, the son of King Danylo of Galicia, who founded the city. A great number of architectural sights can be found in Lviv. They were built mostly under the influence of Austro-Hungarian Empire and Poland. The unique atmosphere of mystical medieval times soars over the city, making it the cultural centre of Ukraine. The city was named differently in different historical periods: Lemberg, Leopolis, Leontopolis, Lwow etc. But the root “lion” was present at all times. The king of animals is the symbol of the city. Architects claim there are as many as 3000 lions “living” in Lviv! And it doesn’t include lions-hybrids, their depictions or new sculptures.

That’s why our quest appeared. We are happy to give you 15% discount for one day in our hostel if you will take 20 photos with 20 different Lviv lions. So turn you fantasy on and search for kings of animals!


Time travelling

Lviv is known as Western capital of Ukraine. And it is not just a name, as only here you will find the biggest collection of architectural sights. The city resembles a huge museum, where each detail has its own historic meaning. Lviv has always been regarded a young city, though it was mentioned for the first time as far back as in 1256. It was named after Leo, the son of King Danylo of Galicia, who founded the city and laid the foundation of its cultural development. The uniqueness of the city centre architecture is of the most value, and due to this fact it was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Looking back into history, we may conclude that the foundation of the city was laid under the influence of Poland and Austro-Hungarian Empire. During centuries the best European masters worked hard on the unique piece of art – the city of Lviv.

This quest is dedicated to the historic beauty of our city. Each period of history left its trace in the formation of the architecture of Lviv. The task is to look at old photos where Lviv of Polish or Austro-Hungarian period is depicted, to find those places in the modern city and take a photo of them. If you fulfill all requirements correctly, we will be happy to give you 15% discount for one night in our hostel.  


Freedom Woman

We have our own Statue of Liberty here in Lviv, but it is special. Some architects say that this piece of art, as well as American sculpture, belongs to Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who created it on request of rich city habitants. However, as opposed to New York Statue of Liberty, the Lviv one is of female sex. “Freedom Woman”, as it is called by local people, is a lady who embraces two men symbolizing flourishing agriculture and general wealth. The sculpture also bears a serious political meaning, as Ukrainians are the second in number among emigrants in the USA. The sculpture was under repairs in 1983-1998.

Thus, your task is to find Lviv Statue of Liberty and take photo against its background. This will give you 10% discount for one night in our hostel.