If you’re currently staying at GHOSTeL, are on your way to us, or if you’re thinking of booking with GHOSTeL, you might like to check out our Rules. Their aim is to make our hostel a happy, safe, and a respectful place to stay for all guests.



All guests are required to provide photo identification in the form of a Passport, Driver’s License or similar identification that includes a photo. Failure to provide proper identification will result in the guest being refused entry.

GHOSTeL will photocopy the ID and attach it to the guest registration card. This is for security and safety of the Hostel, Staff and other guests.

Check In

New arrivals can check into their rooms from 2:00pm. Guests may arrive earlier and leave their luggage at the hostel but access to rooms will normally not be granted until after 2:00pm, to allow for cleaning.

**Important Note** If you have booked a bed or beds in a dorm room that is NOT completely booked out by yourself or your party, the last time you can check-in is 11pm. Late check-in is possible only if agreed with the administrator, and subject to additional payment.

Check Out

Departing guests must remove all their belongings from their room, and check out, by 12pm. If you need to store your luggage on the day of your departure please arrange it with reception. We offer free luggage storage. If you check out late, you will be asked to pay for an extra night, so make sure you’re up and ready in time!

Access to GHOSTeL

We have a 24/7 reception, so you just ring the bell, and the administrator will open the door.

Guest Behaviour

The comfort, safety and security of our guests is of paramount importance to us at GHOSTeL. Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests, staff or local residents and/or property will be requested to leave the hostel premises and will not be offered a refund. Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff, local residents and property.

Guests will be charged by GHOSTeL for any damages caused by inappropriate behaviour during their stay. Guests not willing to pay for said damages will have criminal charges brought against them.

Guests are not permitted to allow anyone not registered to stay at the hostel, access to the building or the rooms within. Any guest caught bringing another person into the hostel that is not a guest of the hostel will be asked to vacate the premises immediately without refund.

Food and Drinks

It is not allowed to take food and drinks (unless it’s clear water) to bedrooms. Any guest found eating or drinking inside a bedroom will be fined UAH 200.00, if guests do not wish to pay this fine they will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be offered a refund.

Bed Sheets and Towels

Bed sheets and towels are included in the price. Non-use or misuse of the bed sheets may result in the guest being fined UAH 200.00. Towels are available on request for a UAH 50 deposit per towel. The deposit will be returned upon return of the towel.

Indoor footwear

We do care about cleanness in our hostel, so if you don’t bring your indoor footwear with you, you can buy disposable slippers at the reception.

No Smoking

There is a designated smoking area in GHOSTeL for guests who wish to smoke. Smoking is not permitted anywhere else in the GHOSTeL building. Any guest found smoking inside the building will be fined UAH 500.00, if guests do not wish to pay this fine they will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be offered a refund.

No Drugs

Drug use is illegal in Ukraine. Any guest found using drugs within the building will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be offered a refund.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption is only allowed for guests over the age of 18 and outside the hostel. Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed in the hostel. Guests found consuming alcohol on the premises may be asked to leave without refund.

**Important Note** If you come to the hostel as drunk as the devil, the administrator has a right to deny you access to the hostel, so make sure you are sober enough to walk the line.

Personal Property

GHOSTeL has a safe in the reception area and secure lockers for small valuable items are located in each dorm room. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that their personal belongings are secure at all times, and GHOSTeL accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage to guests’ property, however sustained or caused. Our lockers are big enough for your valuables, but not your luggage, so we strongly recommend you bring a padlock to use with your luggage & backpack.

Security Lockers

All dorm rooms in GHOSTeL have security lockers in the room for guest use. There is a locker for each bed space. Guests wishing to utilise a locker must obtain a key from reception and provide a UAH 50 key deposit. The deposit will be returned upon return of the key.

Quiet Time

Our guests are expected to show respect to their dormmates and be quiet from 23:00 till 7:00


All bookings are subject to availability and GHOSTeL reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion. GHOSTeL administrators also have a right to refuse to accommodate any person who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, behaves suspiciously or aggressively, or raises doubts in general. GHOSTeL doesn’t accommodate locals.